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AB Nicosia Driving Schools 

For Car Driving license, truck licence and motorcycle license in Cyprus.

Our Driving School in Nicosia operates with the latest driving standards and techniques. The aim of the school is the training of prospective drivers, both in practical and the theoretical part of the examination. 

Our philosophy is to train successful young drivers not just to obtain a driver’s license, but also to acquire knowledge on safety and proper handling. To achieve this goal, we give particular emphasis on the instructions of how to drive each vehicle by in different conditions such as residential areas, boulevards and highways but also in areas where the tests performed.

We specialize in offering the student the most up to date information on driving laws and regulations as well as teaching Motorcycle and Car handling maneuvers. Also, we advise our students on ECO Driving techniques and Defensive Driving.
Both our cars and Motorcycles are carefully selected so that it is easy to drive and therefore lead to better results during training and testing.

Furthermore, we offer driving lessons for trucks, trailers, buses and driving lessons for those interested to obtain professional driving licenses.



AB Nicosia Driving School Ltd founded in 1993, is committed to supply the learner drivers with the safest driving skills and help them to be safer drivers and save lives, primarily through providing them with world-class theoretical training where they learn road rules and regulations, safe driving behavior, accident-avoidance techniques, and by teaching them the most advanced maneuvering skills to drive safely, be courteous, avoid road crashes and keep the vehicle under control in all conditions.

To be recognized and respected as the best driver education provider in the region, to be the school of choice for all types of driver license applicants in the country and to promote road safety in Cyprus.

In order to realize our vision, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our venerable customers who are also our guests and partner. We will accomplish this by committing to our shared values where integrity, credibility, competency, service, accuracy, respect and excellence are our business pillars. Our values will ensure us achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to provide a high quality of training through the most innovative practical and theoretical techniques. Keeping the learning process uncomplicated and demanding we ensure an enjoyable and quick learning experience. We are here to help you learn the European and Cyprus traffic rules of the road and become a safe, courteous driver.
Training is done by experienced, trained and qualified professionals experienced, trained and qualified professionals



Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a form of training or practice for motor vehicle drivers to drive in such a way that they consciously reduce the dangers associated with driving. They do this by anticipating dangerous scenarios, which could range from bad weather to erring motorists.

Be Extra Careful in Bad Weather and always Watch Out for the Other Guy
Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips: 1-Wear A Helmet. 2-Wear Gloves. 3-Wear Proper Boots. 4-Look Where You Want To Go. 5-Never Use The Front Brake First. 6-Slow In. 7-Watch Out For Sand And Debris. 8-Don't Drink. 9- Act Like Nobody Has Mirrors. 10-Roll Into It.

Even if you ignore every other motorcycle safety tip, wear a helmet.
Eco Driving

Eco Driving

ECO DRIVING means to think and drive ecologically. It is a clever way of driving which contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption, emission of gases and pollutants that cause the greenhouse effect. It also contributes to the decrease of road accidents.

it means wise, mild and safe driving at low RPM (revolutions per minute) which can improve fuel economy up to 15%.
Cyprus Highway Code

Cyprus Highway Code

Read online all the Warning Signs · Prohibitive Signs · Compulsory Signs · Informative Signs · Regulatory Signs · Police Signals · Controlled Square · Traffic Lights and all the rules and regulations for driving in Cyprus

Free printable Cyprus Driving Code
Professional Driving Licenses

Professional Driving Licenses

NOW get your professional driving license in Cyprus with us!!! Call us to learn more on how you can obtain a professional driving certificate for truck, bus, lorry, taxi and any other driving license you need.